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Oliver Stone video "documentary" elucidates the anti-Zelensky militant view.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/29/2023, 21:50:07

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i'm not sure I want this guy on my side. There's a bunch of stuff in the video that doesn't seem balanced, which is why I put the scorn-quotes around the "documentary" label.

Suffice to say that there is an ancient back-story to the whole mess - various factions and movements constantly aligning, then sundering, reforming - always with the ultimate outcome of violence from one faction or the other.

Stone also tries to draw a straight line ideologically from things like the Iranian Revolution, neo-conservatism and global warming. IOW, the number of assumptions required to believe the entire purport is waaaaay too far out there.

Ockham's Razor applies to politics too. I agree with only one central purport - that war doesn't help the People of Ukraine - even if they want to think it does. My own view of the conflict hasn't really changed much - I understand the side-issues better, but largely it's just a big, inflated bug tussle that really isn't something that the USA needs to inflame by picking sides.

If there is a negotiated settlement, it would seem equitable to have some of the regions experiencing the worst strife, to be able to vote whether to remain in Ukraine or merge with Russia. That might be the only way to end the fighting.

But then, both sides seem to be so immersed in strident militarism, that whatever was negotiated would likely not last very long before it was voided by further conflict.

One doesn't need AI to know when something is a quagmire. Best to win by not playing into the concept that we MUST get more and more involved.

The situation is so complex and full of x-factors, I'm not sure it's possible to arrive at a moral attitude toward resolution.

The governments of the pro-war Russians and the pro-war Ukrainians both seem to be horribly, incurably corrupt.

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