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Portland again (just down the street) another murder - this time of a private security officer at a hospital.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/22/2023, 22:23:12

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I sort of see Washington and Oregon as the same region since they are so similar in their political structure/constituencies.
Attacks on private security officers are similar to attacks on law enforcement in some ways, and so are somewhat alarming. although such attacks are infrequent, they sometimes indicate a trend in lawlessness generally. People in uniforms, posted at a fixed location are easy targets - so it takes a particularly cowardly, stupid sort of criminal to murder one in cold blood.

It's important to follow this to better determine why the officer was murdered. I'm guessing it was about being unwilling to conform to rules/regulations - maybe parking. Suspect felt disrespected and took it out on the poor SOB in the uniform.

If the shooter was black, the odds that the reason was related to something to do with perceived "disrespect" go up exponentially. That is because statistically the majority of murders by blacks (especially when they murder other black people) are motivated by perceived disrespect.

BTW, the suspect got shot DRT by officers when he resisted arrest. They are not announcing the race of either the shooter or the victims, so I'm guessing at least the shooter was black. It's become SOP for liberals to withhold the race/ethnicity of murderers when black or Muslim. When murderers are Caucasian, their name/picture is pasted all over the leftist mass media before the bodies are cold.

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