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Is slow, incremental destruction of Fox News as a conservative institution already underway?
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/21/2023, 22:54:52

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Granted this article is from Newsmax, Fox's primary competitor online, but if the information is factual (supposedly a whistle-blower inside the company) it suggests that maybe Murdoch Sr.'s influence over the fate of Fox News is waning, and that of his anti-conservative offspring is waxing. 

It would fit a predictable scenario for the primary owners to slowly but methodically wreck the company while retaining the wealth they personally inherited. They remain billionaires while Fox News gets castrated and gutted and ultimately destroyed as a pro-conservative, pro-American company.

 The junior Murdochs could conceivably by slow degrees, cause irreparable damage to the conservative tone of the company without incurring any serious negative consequences for themselves personally. By the time others with vested interests got wise to what they were up to, it might be too late to prevent. 

If I were the saboteurs, I would want to be subtle about causing the damage so that I would not be removed from  power by shareholders. I would try to be low-key until I had finished most of the demolition.  

This is the first time I have personally seen evidence that maybe the process of demolition is already underway and that it will now be merely a matter of time until Fox News goes the way of Little Green Footballs, the Onion and the Drudge Report in becoming just another left-leaning media organization. 

Thankfully Newsmax is challenging Fox for their media market share. Fox has held that lion's share without challenge for nearly four decades. If Fox News as a conservative powerhouse is destroyed by Murdoch's evil children, maybe Newsmax can take over the role of stalwart defender of conservatives in the media universe. 

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