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Well, I am just shocked that anyone would suggest such a thing!! Shocked, I tell you. Did I mention that I'm shocked?
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/21/2023, 00:23:13

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I mean, to suggest that the "Reverend" (PTUI!) was less-than totally honorable when he was mercilessly shaking down people, politicians and companies for obscene amounts of money!?!

You know what they call it when a democrat threatens someone with violence, destruction, rioting, murder, public castigation, even when the democrat knows the person is completely innocent !?!


See, a real Old Gangster like Jackson doesn't threaten. He assumes the victim already knows what they are being threatened with, so it will not have to actually be said. He just meets your eye, pushes a piece of paper at you across the table with a number scribbled on it and takes a puff on his cigar. His eye would never leave you as he waited for your response.

THAT'S how an OG does it. Threats are for pipsqueaks.

For amusement, Jackson will likely continue to overtly threaten people just for fun, for the rest of his miserable, evil life. He seems to me to be an enthusiastic, coke-fueled Satanic conman masquerading as a Christian cleric - his real joy in life derives from good old sadistic hatred for anyone who disagrees with or opposes he or his expressed-beliefs strongly.

I would frankly not look forward to confronting God's personal judgment after living the sort of wicked, shameful life Jackson has lived, all the while exploiting his status as a supposed "man of the cloth" (PTUI!)

I hope he dies. When he does (looks half-dead already in recent photos WHOA!!), you'll get to see a half-towelhead do a little exuberant Irish jig of grief.

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