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Zelensky's Culture War
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Posted by: Russ Walden ®

07/19/2023, 13:32:06

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Ukraine Jails Senior Orthodox Cleric, Russia Demands Release


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has waged a culture war. The UOC has been a primary target of the "derussification" campaign. On December 1, Zelensky announced that
Kiev would attempt to expel all religious institutions with ties to
Russia, arguing the move would make "it impossible for religious
organizations affiliated with centers of influence in the Russian
Federation to operate in Ukraine."

Kiev further ratcheted up
the campaign to erase the UOC by seizing the assets and placing travel
bans on several of the church’s top officials. Additionally, a series of raids by Ukrainian police targeted the UOC

Zelensky’s derussification campaign has extended far beyond the UOC. Kiev has nationalized the media, renamed public places named for Russian historical figures, banned books printed in Russian and outlawed political parties representing Ukraine’s ethnic Russians. "


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