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When the Human race finally destroys itself, we will surely leave a lot of interesting toys behind us." - Anonymous.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/08/2023, 21:08:47

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New form of refrigeration anyone? The ecoparanoids are happy because they believe chlorofluorocarbons used in compressor-based refrigeration units create "greenhouse gases" that are destroying the world!!! (rolls eyes)

So now they've come up with the first non-compressor-based fridge concept (LFL: Elastocaloric! Admin: Gesundheit!) that's in the process of being developed. Sadly for the ecoparanoids, as with nuclear fusion power plants, an actual fridge using elastocaloric elements is still only theoretical since critical materials for it don't exist yet. 

The ever-optimistic developers claim such materials are "already in development," and, "should be available soon". In any case I wouldn't try to buy stock from an IPO just yet.  

Small detail.

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