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Man firing into air brandishes gun at sheriff's deputy, gets shot in my town.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/05/2023, 16:05:22

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Just down the street, near a local train station some moron was shooting a gun into the air - someone called the cops, who responded to the scene, saw the guy with the gun in his hand. Naturally he ran from the cops still holding the gun, they chased him and then he apparently refused to comply with their lawful commands. No confirmation yet, but it's likely he turned to face the deputies holding the weapon or made sudden moves while still holding the gun. The deputies followed their training, fired at the suspect hitting him. His condition is unknown but I would be surprised if he lives. Our local LEOs are well-trained in all regards including marksmanship.

The moral to the story: don't shoot guns into the air on the 4th of July and don't ignore the orders of cops with their guns pointed at you.

BTW, at least one 6 year old kid got shot last night by a stray bullet from some moron shooting into the air in L.A. - it seems to happen every year.

It's not that there's too many guns, it's that there's too many morons who happen to get ahold of guns. We need far better moron-control.

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