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So we have arrived at that long-dreaded cusp - what does a culture do when in the eyes of too many, wisdom is foolishness and vice versa?
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07/05/2023, 02:26:27

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Russia and Iran are two examples of what happens when a nation's population becomes so foolish as to vote away their own rights (tyrannical Communism/fundamentalist Islamism). Both allowed government take-over by an oligarchy (Ruling Class) bent not on administrating but instead on radically supplanting the will of the People with their own.

Italy just did a 180-degree about-face on socialist give-aways For years they went ape-shit on entitlement spending until virtually every special interest group in the nation got massive  tax-money from the gummint. The resulting economic disaster finally drove the voters to hit the brakes on profligate overspending and elect conservatives to put things back on a rational path. 

The Italians have figured it out. Have we !?! 

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