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Some idiot in my old home neighborhood buys "unique" house overlooking a wash.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/01/2023, 19:04:56

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Can anyone guess why the new owners will be sorry? Here's a hint - what sort of living things will be found in proximity to a wash?

Mosquitos. The weather in Alhambra is warm enough to support the spawning of mosquitos roughly 11 out of 12 months every year. So the people who live in that house will be surrounded by clouds of living mosquitos virtually every time they set foot outside or open any door or window that does not have a screen.

Idiocy to live there willingly unless you had nowhere else to go. Insanity to pay nearly half a million dollars for it. And BTW, the county/city will allow ZERO abatement measures in the wash itself, because it qualified as a "waterway" and nobody but the government can do anything like that. So if they try to poison or clean up the area of the wash under them, they could go to jail!!


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