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Uh, "worse" is a relative term.
Re: A Newsom-Harris ticket would be even worse! -- Ihavenoname Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

06/29/2023, 06:18:34

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I think a Newsom/Harris ticket would be political suicide for the 'Crats - it would likely be a bigger blow-out than McGovern w Eagleton  (who dropped out) and then Shriver as VP.

 Harris has the lowest approval-rating of any VP in modern history. Newsom is widely disliked even in his home state by his own party constituents. I mean LOOK AT HIM!!! His scrawny broken-kite, howdydoody physique and that hair are open jokes. 

Gavin, listen. When you see people around you laughing, they are not laughing WITH you, they are laughing AT you. 

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