Is Xiden going to start WWIII???
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/22/2023, 13:06:25

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The language of diplomacy can be difficult to follow. All of the recent talk of "stabilization" by that grovelling toady Blinken was disgraceful. Traditionally (according to seasoned diplomats) the term "stabilization" is a term which the Chinese use to describe "...them getting everything they want without concessions, while the OTHER nation(s) give up things". So that blithering idiot Blinken endorsing efforts at "stabilization" no doubt made Chinese inner-circle members chuckle.

Then, for some reason that popped out of Xiden's brain, less than a week later, after this Blinken prostration, Xiden decides to publicly call Xi a dictator - erasing any remote chance the PRC would move toward "stabilization" as Blinken meant it.

The PRC is playing chess, the Xiden admin, checkers again.

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