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Juneteenth "celebrations" erupt in violence throughout the nation - one of the most violent in history - 'Crats blame "guns" not the criminals wielding them.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/19/2023, 11:06:11

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It's been nothing less than appalling how much raw, murderous violence has occurred in proximity to the Juneteenth (what a retarded name for a holiday) celebrations.

The anti-conservative mass media are desperately working overtime to ruefully claim the cause is not the thousands and thousands of criminals (mostly black) who are responsible for the violence, but firearms. The ACFs are (as usual) bleating hysterically about "gun violence," not, "criminal violence" as if the guns are leaping out of people's hands/gun-cases running amok all by themselves throughout the land.

In Lost Angeles, the percentage of murders/mayhem caused by criminals with vehicles, knives, gasoline, blunt instruments or other non-firearms to commit their violent crimes has skyrocketed recently. I noticed this when reviewing the local news coverage.

More and more people are being killed/maimed with things other than guns in Mexifornia, especially in the form of stabbings, vehicles or being beaten-to-death. This reflects a long-understood truth about criminally-violent, murderous people which is that they generally do not limit their options for violence to firearms, but instead are very resourceful in following through on their own violent impulses by any means available to them.

So we all witness the horror of more and more people being being crushed, defenestrated, burned alive, slashed/stabbed, poisoned, strangled, bludgeoned horribly while ACFs continue to try to distract from the massive and increasing criminal chaos they are enabling while they blubber fecklessly and endlessly about a supposed "epidemic of gun violence". PTUI!!

The "epidemic" is the spread of CHAOS fomented, promulgated, and excused by incompetent or extreme (or both!!!) leftist officials, people and organizations.

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