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Reddit will survive in some way, even if many of it's users are rightfully outraged.
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

06/13/2023, 02:00:51

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Unfortunately, protesting can only get you so far. Going on strike for two days will probably make a small dent. If a vast majority of Reddit users leave instead and cause the revenue to suffer, that would be better.

Nonetheless, I support the strike.

But CEO Huffman doesn't care nor is he worried at all. He'll get away with the money easily.

And Reddit is a terrible place to discuss politics, especially if you're "a conservative who supports orange man bad." Their rule: liberals welcome, conservatives not! Reddit is so toxic. Just look at r/Seattle and r/SeattleWA as an example.

If someone like me were to use Reddit for general advice (non-politically related), that would be ok. Politics, no.

Places like Reddit need to be more decentralized. Or have better alternatives instead (not in this case).

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