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If the gummint DID have evidence, they might not be able to release the information due to "national security".
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

06/10/2023, 01:19:03

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Considering the tendency for large percentages of the population to behave in a highly emotional manner (hysteria/violence) there is an argument to be made that government would be forbidden by overriding concerns of "domestic tranquility" from disclosing  evidence of non-human intelligence outside Terra. 

There is some evidence that a significant number of people might flip out if they thought the government had presented evidence of such a thing. They might be alarmed at the new paradigm or suspicious that a conspiracy was afoot to hoax/mislead the public - and become dysfunctional (experience emotional breakdown) or violent. 

I suspect that if such evidence existed, the government would naturally conceal it for the above-stated reason and others. 
I know some individuals who believe they saw a genuine extraterrestrial craft passing very close overhead - but they were highly intoxicated. 

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