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Your ongoing refusal to engage in discussion along with an ignorance of the Freedom Caucus's importance has ruined whatever you are trying to do.
Re: TURN JOE BIDEN INTO A CONSERVATIVE BLUE DOG DEMOCRAT! -- RedDogRepublican Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

01/07/2023, 07:26:46

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I'm frankly still not sure whether you are a false-flag 'Crat trying to sew dissent/division in the ranks or simply badly mistaken about some things regarding political reality.

Your choice not to engage in civil discussion but instead try to use your membership to broadcast your opinions makes you even less credible as an authentic conservative.

Why not engage in discourse, instead of being another drive-by? It seems to me that if one were sincerely interested in sharing a constructive idea, one would behave in a more civil manner while a guest at a forum.

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