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Disney dynasty ends in Florida with legislative denouement to ongoing conflict.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/06/2023, 13:22:07

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‘CORPORATE KINGDOM’: DeSantis-backed plan to take control of Disney's land announced | Fox News

Maybe Disney's renewed head cheese Roger Iger saw the writing on the wall (his lawyers might well have foreseen this as the likely outcome) when he replaced woke-warrior Chapek as CEO. The ever-adept Gov. DeSantis has brought the Florida debacle to a close with Disney wrecking itself. 

The legislation will solve the larger issues causing concern for the taxpayers/voters of Florida - despite the endless shrill, desperate finger-shivering/hysterical doomsaying of bitter, fuming 'Crats, Disney remains accountable for existing debt and ongoing tax liabilities. 

Contrary to what 'Crats predicted, the state will not be sidled with onerous debt or tax liability as a result of Disney being stripped of their authority.  

This apparently ends the war. The damage to Disney was severe, while DeSantis comes out smelling like a rose. The governor did everything he promised (and threatened) - eliminated Disney's excessive power, punished them for their nastiness while retaining economic fairness and accountability. Ouch. 

No doubt Disney will continue to posture (to assuage shareholders and wokesters), but any gains from legal fighting are going to increasingly be Pyrrhic Victories for them. See, whatever small things they might gain through more litigation will be more-than offset by still MORE PR damage to an already badly-mauled, faltering brand. 

Because of former-CEO Chapek's stupidity, people dislike Disney more than at any time in the company's history. Disney has taken major hits (park revenue/stock value have both declined severely) since the war began, while DeSantis is stronger than ever. Selah. 

DeSantis won reelection by a wide margin. He is looking like a hero to many - especially those who are sick of the virtue-signaling of anti-conservative fanatics. 

Disney just needs to die. Whatever it was in the past, it is no more. Let it just die. 

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