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The Republican Red Dog Coalition Is A GAME CHANGER!
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Posted by: RedDogRepublican ®

01/04/2023, 16:07:42

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The Political Bottom Line:

Q.  If House of Representatives (HOR) Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (successor) creates the 20 member (10 pro/life & 
10 pro/choice) conservative Red Dog Coalition to exploit the HOR Democrat conservative Blue Dog Coalition members and 
conservative Democrats in the US Senate, would President Joe Biden have to replace cabinet members with conservative 
Democrats and be forced to abandon many of his liberal policies?

A.  Yes.  The 2021 Gallup National Poll showed that 75% of Americans are conservative, centrist or moderate.  Only 25% 
of Americans are liberal.  The Republican Party has a HUGE-BIG-GIGANTIC-INSURMOUNTABLE advantage over liberal Democrats.

According to the 2021 Gallup national poll, 75% of American voters are conservative, centrist or moderate.  Only 25% of American voters are liberal.  Too many 50/50 elections these days - the
Republican Party can no longer exist without Red Dogs.

1.  Copy the HOR Democrat CONSERVATIVE Blue Dog Coalition charter and add two items - Energy Independence and National Border Security.

2.  Copy the HOR Democrat CONSERVATIVE Blue Dog Coalition logo of the blue dog looking to the CONSERVATIVE RIGHT and color it red.

FIREWALL/GAME CHANGE: The American political landscape has been completely changed in favor of the Republican Party. Liberal Democrats are totally marginalized.

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