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Kari is appealing. Much more information has come forth and hopefully she can use the new info. If not, GOP will never win another election. That judge claimed everything was screwed up and they made huge mistakes but didn't do it intentionally. Only
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Posted by: DeeDee

12/30/2022, 14:38:47

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proves what a goof he is. When 72 polling places are out of order, that should be enough to warrant another election in Maricopa County. A judge in Georgia ordered an election in a single county just a day or so ago. Kari won the day in the other counties and registered Republicans in Maricopa are 5-2.

It truly was a fraudulent election. Watch Hamadeh's race. They recounted one county and he picked up several hundred votes. A judge stepped in and declared Mayes the winner! Hamden was 290 votes behind after the recount. When the numbers are that great, another look is supposed to be taken in other counties.

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