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ACF's ongoing attempt to coopt the English language by subverting terms like "denial".
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/13/2022, 13:50:17

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One of the anti-conservative fanatic mass media's favorite things is to take words/terms in common use as munitions. One of them is the word "denial". People who do not believe in AGW are labeled "climate deniers". This is a clever if odious attempt to use the term "Holocaust deniers" who are people who believe and promulgate the fiction that the WWII Era slaughter of millions of innocent people (Jews and others) did not happen.

The critical difference of course between them is the Holocaust is an event widely and irrefutably documented which has no competing counterview which has rational basis.

Equating disagreement with the speculative conjecture of an obscure unproven hypothesis that atmospheric carbon causes the planet to retain warmth with disagreeing with the fact that the WWII Holocaust happened is Bravo Sierra.

If we would speak of denial, what of the eternal gaslighting and denial of obvious reality that are hallmarks of today's anti-conservative movement.

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