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Sadly, Seattle has both types of people there
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Posted by: Ihavenoname ®

12/11/2022, 10:34:20

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And that’s because I’ve sadly witnessed some mentally-ill people living in homeless encampments or Downtown Seattle. Now, I'm not saying all homeless people are in that state. Many are normal people who probably met unfortunate circumstances and need help. I had the chance to witness one crazy person getting arrested at the Seattle Public Library once. 

I actually thought I was the one getting arrested when the officer was following me!

Also, there was a person who got fatally attacked by a 30-time convicted felon next to the King County courthouse. She survived the ordeal thankfully. The attacker claimed he did it because "the devil inside my head told me to do so." Based on this, I assume the worker was attacked for no reason.

Worst of all, Judge Ed McKenna, who was the only judge to do his job imposing harsh penalties for crimes committed, was ousted by the corrupted King County District Attorney for doing his job. What a broken justice system Seattle has.

Seattle really suffers from a drug crisis, not only a homeless issue.

If you see the KOMO documentaries “Seattle is Dying” and “The Fight for the Soul of Seattle” (was that a Xiden reference?), it will explain that in more detail.

If you visit Seattle, you’ll probably meet some of the most depressed and unfriendly people ever. Just my opinion. By the way, I saw what you meant. Sorry if my term of "boiling hatred" caused some confusion. What I was referring to is that people will befriend me only if I go on a Trump-hating spree and join their toxic leftist causes, including defunding the police. I don't feel welcome in Seattle anymore. The illegal CHOP/CHAZ protests is a decent example of that.

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