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They want you to believe that, but it's not true. They targeted the swing states for ballot harvesting and the people counting the votes were MCCAINIACS. There is plenty of proof of the cheating, Late.
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Posted by: DeeDee

11/23/2022, 09:15:51

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Over 72 REPUBLICAN polling places were unable to count at least 25% of the votes. Many poll workers stated it was much more than 25%, sometimes no votes counted in deep red areas.

Several counties noticed big time irregularities and are delaying the certification process. It was a huge mess just as the Dems wanted, just like in 2020 when they opened 60+ polling places after 10:00 a.m and a few never opened. They got away with it, and pulled the stunt on an even larger scale in 2022. Republicans are idiots to let this go.

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