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Sadly, we the people are on our own now to keep our liberties, but we're mostly powerless
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

11/13/2022, 16:17:43

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As LateForLunch correctly pointed out, all we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I already assumed that the worst possible outcome will happen at this point.

I can foresee future US elections being rigged. Every law-abiding Americans have to stop relying just on their votes to end the dictatorship. I've stopped believing that Kari Lake can still beat the odds, unless she and the others have a plan that we haven't heard before (very unlikely).

Here are the options at the moment:

1. Move to Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Idaho, Utah, or any other SAFE red states (Arizona isn't a safe red state anymore, but Georgia is less worse).

2. States that aren't in complete disarray will need to have a temporary checks-and-balances (Republican state senate and house majority) to limit the damage. This isn't a permanent solution, though.

3. Have more citizens, independent conservative journalists (like The Gateway Pundit, Glenn Morgan of WeTheGoverned) unite together and continue to expose wrongdoing. Push back by urging state legislators to repeal rules and laws that violates our constitutional rights.

4. Prepare for the inevitable on your end while you can (emergency supplies, plenty of savings, etc). Better do it sooner than later.

Everyone who shares the threat of dictatorship must work together as one big team to keep things in check, whether it be organizations, lawyers, citizens, or any officials on our side. And because of how the last two years have been, I don't see how the 2024 presidential election will go well either.

I'm going to stop listening to commentators holding great optimism of Trump's return in 2024. I think I've seen enough. Nobody is safe anymore. It's up to us to hold the government accountable and ensure things are fair and square. But, we can't fully count on the legal system, it's broken.

EDIT: I want to point out that we still have to be good citizens and not let our feelings get in the way. I may be angry with the current situation, but I'll exercise proper restraint and modesty during tough times from now on. It's especially important since the public is being watched as well.

And I do NOT condone violence, but I do anticipate future civil unrest. I wanted to clarify an earlier thread I posted prior. Excuse my poorly written statement. I'm not suggesting anything other than to be prepared, but be careful of what you do and say next. Sorry about that. I've realized I've let myself loose a bit too much.

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