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Maxifornia Republican party did its job - delivered at least (7) House seats w. GOP leading in one more!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/10/2022, 20:34:06

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That includes at least two flips (district #1 and #27) and one win in a newly-created district. Rep. Mike Garcia, former fighter pilot, a rising star in Mexifornia, won a special election for the remainder of the term of previous 'Crat Rep., a sex-deviate who resigned in disgrace. Mike won the seat from the same challenger he defeated in the special election ("Christy" Smith another sleazy 'Crat swinger selling sex appeal) for another two years.

This is proof positive that the machinery built for several ballot initiatives, two recalls was not wasted effort. The mobilization of the political workers (galoots on the ground) was lean, mean and effective. Northern Mexifornia is starting to look like most of the rest of the interior of the nation, not like the deathly-blue parentheses. Exclude the infamous Bay Area, the wealthy enclaves along the northern coast plus tawny mountain estates and Mexifornia's northern half is politically as conservative as the rest of, "fly-over America," that the 'Crat elitists are probably already planning to atom bomb...

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