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I have no idea whatís going on nor any faith that AZ can be saved
Re: Hey guys, I think we're being conned. Long-time Dem in AZ, Tom O'Halleran lost to conservative Navy Seal, Eli Crane. Long-tip, now retired Fitzpatrick's seat was just lost to conservative Juan Ciscomani. That's two they aren't even talking about. -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Ihavenoname ģ

11/10/2022, 15:07:18

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Hobbs might successfully pull this off. Iím angry. And Maricopa County is the reason why the fix is in.†

And what is Karl Lake doing? Does she know something we donít?†

If illegitimate-dictator Queen Hobbs shoves a vaccine mandate down my throat, Iím doomed. I canít afford to lose my job over an unconstitutional-mandate. Otherwise Iíll have to either: fight it in court, or move to Florida.

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