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Well, I evidently took my stupid pill this morning. I can not recall how to c&p,
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Posted by: Jenny ®

11/10/2022, 10:57:56

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I do a lot of reading and this morning in my email, I received a notification from a new website and the individual articles were so on point.   I haven't done this in forever so I have forgotten how to c&p.   The articles touched on every subject we are currently experiencing with liberals and even discussed the elections.  

Since I can't post the links to these great articles, I can direct you to the name of the site .. 

I also apologize for my newfound stupidity but the last 3 years have been extremely difficult for me.  I was legally blind and could not drive for almost 2 years. 2 operations later, I am (thank God) driving again.  Covid and Pierre locked down the border so I couldn't see my daughter and granddaughter for almost 4 years.  Thanks to Covid and lock downs, my granddaughter just graduated high school in the last week and only 2 people per household could attend because it was indoors and they were afraid it could spread too many germs.  That meant her stepmother and stepfather could not attend and neither could grandma.  

Life is rough lately and the country is still counting votes.   

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