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Were still counting the votes and it takes time!
Re: There may be a smidgen of hope but when the upcoming winter is predicted to be really bad, why would anyone vote Democrat? -- Jenny Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Ihavenoname

11/10/2022, 09:25:58

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The United States of America is now officially the United States of Anarchy. Have you heard that they are still counting and giving excuses?

There is no way to vote your way out of evil communism. This election and the 2020 election proved it. At this point, everyone (you the people, local officials) needs to fight back at the state and local level. Everyone, including me should be refocusing efforts at preparing for the worst, even at the possibility of a civil war.

American history have shown that only wars have pushed back tyranny. Think of the American Revolutionary War. Dont count on the GOP to do anything for you in the federal government.

The only safe red states left: Florida, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Utah, and Idaho. Arizonians are doomed unless Kari Lake pulls off a miracle like she said she would. Optimism and high polling numbers wont cut it in a corrupted election system.

I really want to get out of Arizona and move to Florida. Too bad Im stuck here. DeSantis and Florida are setting the precedent for running a free and fair election.

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