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It's terrible. Anthem machines are miscounting 25% of the votes! 20% of all machine in Mariciopa are down, two hour waiting land they are telling voting to drop off their ballot in one of those suspicious "lock boxes." Fact is, that's exactly why
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Posted by: DeeDee

11/08/2022, 15:17:41

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people decided to vote in person! They wanted to avoid the drop boxes.

Then the DOJ has these horrible armed military standing there as if someone is going to start a war. Democrats do not want Kari or Masters and it looks like they may succeed in their fraud...AGAIN!

BTW, did you see Jon Solomon's report? He said 19,000 illegal ballots that had no dates or were fraud, were counted in Maricopa in 2020. TRUMP "LOST" by UNDER 11,000 votes. (He won)

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