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Research links facial tattoos to drastically increased chance of incarceration/premature death.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/06/2022, 01:46:35

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A recent study by the Mr. Natural Institute found that males with facial tattoos were 20,000% (200X) more likely to suffer premature death. Statistics from law enforcement reports of death from drug overdose, violence (murder) or suicide in the USA showed the link according to Mr. Natural.

Although most of the data was regarding the premature deaths of males, females with facial tattoos also had a much higher statistical probability of early death than females without them.

The study did not determine any other links such as race, age or any personal traits other than the facial tattoos. Facial tatts for either gender however, were also statistically linked to drastically increased likelihood of arrest, conviction and incarceration for a felony, usually a violent or narcotics-related crime.

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