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Brazil hired Buckminster Fuller to modernize them, then the socialists ruined everything that the conservatives built.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/03/2022, 05:03:47

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The Brazilian government hired Buckminster Fuller back in the 1970s to help them get on track with modernizing their infrastructure, clearing forests, planning/building cities, industrializing/decentralizing the economy, etc.

Sadly much of the work he did with them though effective in the short term, became part of subsequent administration's socialist Plans which altered, damaged or destroyed much of the progress he helped them make.

The Brazilian conservatives used the nation's rich natural resources to develop export industries, farms, build highways/roads, increase general prosperity, modernize/fortify military defenses. Then, the second the economy started showing budget surpluses, socialist Utopians took power, overspent tax revenue on endless entitlements, squandered/stole from the Brazilian economy until it nearly collapsed.

So the pattern has been that every time the conservative government comes in to clean house and set things to right again, the People are sold a bill of goods by the Marxists and convince them that paradise is only an election away.

The Brazilian people are not terribly sophisticated and have trouble understanding when they are being lied to by Marxists. They fall for different versions of the same Bravo Sierra every four years or so, then the pattern repeats itself,ad nauseum.

If Marxists have proven one thing, it is that they are skilled, horribly efficient liars/manipulators of public opinion.

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