Netanyahu wins election in Israel as international trend of democracies electing conservative leaders continues.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/03/2022, 05:00:15

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Bibi has been attacked by anti-conservative fanatics for so long now. They even began to use the Israeli government to try to convict him of crimes so he would be ineligible to run.

No doubt U.S. anti-conservatives have been hot to emulate this barbaric trend by using weaponized government to go after DJT et al in hopes of preventing him and others from being elected to power.

I frankly believe there is nothing NOTHING that anti-conservative fanatics around the world would not do to gain and hold power. That includes not only using government as a weapon to harm innocent people, but even assassination.

That will be next if there is a big swing toward conservatism in the USA. Terrorism and murder are the logical expressions of the anti-conservative fanatic movement's dynamic. Violence and tyranny are two things that are almost ubiquitous for Marxists when they are defeated in fair elections. They swiftly go from a footing of "resistence" to rioting, looting, mayhem and murder.

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