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Those were likely temps - off duty cops sub-contracting from a private company. Walls may be easily scaled by someone unconcerned with arrest/prison time.
Re: Russ, you are so right about the surveillance and protection of such properties. When those people picketed her house, they showed the wall, and security guards. -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

10/31/2022, 02:50:45

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Full-time armed security is expensive. Most public officials get some help from the government but it doesn't always cover private residence security. So Pelosi likely hired the extra security due to the protests, then released them after the protests ended. The Pelosis might also have paid local law enforcement costs of assigning officers to the perimeter. It is possible to hire local LEOs in some cases - and they show up in full uniform with full authority but are actually being paid out of the property owners' pockets, not the city.

Even big estates with gated security for the home grounds generally have a very small armed presence most of the time. Their policy is to call the local gendarmes if there is trouble that can't be dealt with easily.

Slipping through might have been relatively easy for that lunatic. In any case it will be unlikely that the security managers or PD will release information about the actual circumstances of the incursion. They don't want to share that with the public for obvious reasons.

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