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Illinois trying to force vigilantism on public so they can use the inevitable problems as "proof" citizens need to be disarmed.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/25/2022, 13:08:30

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Because of the high level of ineptitude and stupidity in the ranks of the ACFs it's tempting to assume that is always the case. But when it comes to the plan of eliminating effective public law enforcement and compelling people to take the law into their own hands (forcing vigilantism on the public again), there is a very shrewd, well-thought-out telesis at work. 

See, before about 1850 in the USA, most daily law enforcement, especially outside large cities, was mostly the responsibility of "local jurisdictions" aka towns with a sheriff or marshal who mobilized the populations to serve as a posse or by hiring private armed security men. Governments finally started establishing public police forces when the public (businesses) got tired of having to perform their own law enforcement duties. 

The theory was that public law enforcement officers could be more impartial (less corrupt), more-readily available and more effective at enforcing the law because they did it for a living - leaving the rest of the public workforce to focus on whatever they did as their primary vocation. 

By eliminating/reducing public law enforcement officers, a situation will be created where we will all be taking a huge evolutionary step backward as a society/culture - i.e., we will be REGRESSING to a more-savage state. 

The reason why this is part of a larger Plan (anti-conservative fanaticism) is that forcing non-professionals to go back to protecting themselves creates a situation where there will inevitably be a large number of problems inherent to the fact that the ordinary people doing enforcement will not be able to do it as efficiently as trained, professional officers.

The reason the ACFs want to reduce/eliminate public law enforcement and compel non-professionals to protect themselves is to create serious problems which may then be used as a basis for political pressure from the population to BAN FIREARMS in the general public "for safety reasons". 

In essence, the plan is:
1) Stop public law enforcement
2) Force the public to protect themselves against criminals  
3) ACF politicians then focus on the inevitable problems which arise (bad shootings, bystander casualties, etc) as pretext for large-scale firearms banning in the general public "for safety reasons". 

I can already hear the shrill whining from AFCs about "the rise of vigilantism" (caused by the 'Crats themselves denying adequate professional law enforcement to the public) and how "the public must be protected" from "irresponsible armed groups roaming the streets," by, "banning private gun ownership/use". Voila!! 

This is a cold, calculating effort to force the public into a situation where they feel they have no choice but to protect themselves, then using the problems which arise from that as pretext for demanding an end to the Second Amendment in order to "protect the public". Brilliant. 

A devious plan directly drawn from the mind of Satan and the pocketbook of George Soros, et al. 

This is why political officials cannot be permitted to continue to deprive the U.S. population of reliable, effective public law enforcement.

 In this scenario, vigilantism is the best friend 2A enemies have ever had. 

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