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Lost Angeles recall Gascon group begins legal action against L.A. county for obstructing investigation into evidence of massive corruption/fraud in June 2021 signature gathering campaign. .
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/23/2022, 13:30:40

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As suspected, numerous "irregularities" and strong evidence of fraud have been uncovered by investigators after L.A. County voting officials threw out nearly half of the signatures gathered to have a special election to recall L.A. County district attorney George Gascon.

Among the items of concern are:

Voter roles have apparently been very inflated by County officials, who have been historically lax in updating them. Over recent history L.A. County refused to update their logs until a lawsuit was brought forcing them to remove more than 1 million voters from the rolls due to death or other disqualifiers. The investigators found evidence that if the logs were more-accurate, the number of signatures required to qualify for the ballot would have been tens of thousands less than collected.

County officials violated their own policies (and the law) by excluding signatures that were identical to registration signature because they were not Crylic, but instead printed signatures. In other words, the county threw out all signatures which were done using block letters instead of script.

The county also violated the law, according to the investigators, by throwing out both signatures in cases where duplicates were reported - IOW, if they found that any voters signed a petition more than one, both the original and the duplicate were thrown out (which is illegal).

The investigators also reported how County officials have stonewalled legal investigation procedures by arbitrarily refusing to cooperate with investigators by declining to provide public information which they control, which is illegal. County officials do not have legal authority to deny publicly available information simply because it is not convenient or something they want to do.

In response to all of the above and other issues, the Recall Gascon organization is filing lawsuits to force L.A. County to comply with their investigation and provide information as requested forthwith without further delays or obstruction.

Leftist mass media is desperately trying to ignore this story so it's been difficult getting a published article to post, but I'll keep looking.

It was my hunch from the beginning that L.A. County was actively trying to stymie the investigation from day one. It would not be surprising to me at all if criminal activity will be uncovered before all is said and done.

Legal remedy for this may include having a court order that the recall signatures excluded illegally be restored possibly allowing the election to move forward. But because of the circumstances, the resolution may not be fast enough to allow the recall to take place quickly enough (Gascon is up for reelection in 2024).

If ever there was a masterful Communist-style event to show proof of the level of corruption of Lost Angeles government, this is one of them.

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