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Easier said than done.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/18/2022, 06:54:29

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McConnell is an institution in Kentucky and sadly being a senior, powerful member of the Senate he is entrenched. The only good thing about him is he sometimes actually seems to give a damn about correcting government and reigning in the radical revolutionary socialists.

I would happily trade mean tweets by DJT for $7 gasoline and WWIII being started. Now Xiden has picked a fight with the Saudis and seems to be stumbling and bumbling into one PR/foreign policy disaster after another.

The biggest crisis we face in the USA by far, is the needless chaos/loss/destruction being fomented, promulgated and perpetuated by the 'Crats horrifying, grotesque mismanagement of everything and everything else.

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