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heh no worries!! Th facepalm is a great gesture - very Napoleonic!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/11/2022, 15:37:49

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The character Picard was a "real man". Very moral, civil, but not afraid to hurt people's feelings when challenged. heh 

At the time you were there at that school, the 'Crats were likely anti-government because it was controlled by conservatives and other normal people - which being largely deviates, the 'Crats hate. 

That never seems to change over the decades.   

The 'Crats wave banner of "Progressivism" yet have largely abandoned any pretext of upholding (classical liberal) Napoleonic virtues. None. Zero. They now say, "F**k the 'civil society' ". 

These days, they are all tyrannical, Statist toadies, busily (forgive me) sniffing their "leaders" f*rts. 

Cue: Primecut: (sullenly) Stink. 

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