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40 things to stop doing if you're a Millennial...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/11/2022, 00:13:35

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I was inspired by reading through a website post with the title, "40 things to stop doing if you're a Boomer*". Some of them were humorous and funny, but more than a few were bigoted, agist, stupid and simply offensive (not in a funny way). 

I've noticed that one of the "humor" trends in the younger "counter culture" is the notion that to say things about others that are simply snide, derogatory or offensive is somehow humorous. It's not, they're just sophomoric (look it up), sadistic and vicious.   

For instance, one of the items was to, "stop watching cop reality shows", with some idiotic criticism and a declaration that it's, "not hip or healthy". (LFL:rolls eyes) Right. Someone so dumb they believe in doing away with professional law enforcement should rightly tell others what is "acceptable" or "healthy" as entertainment. Got it. 

Cue: Samuel L. Jackson (as Jules): GOTWALMA, m*th*r f***er!! 

40 Things to Stop Doing If You're a Millennial 

(1) Stop refusing to groom, dress, shave, cut your hair, do
laundry out of laziness and claiming it’s a “fashion”. It’s not, it’s laziness
and nobody of normal intelligence is fooled.

(2)Stop putting hair up in “man buns”. It’s ugly to put it mildly. It
doesn’t make you look like a “ninja” or some other macho character from a video game. Note; To people who want to LOOK like they're hip who are not Millennials, it ESPECIALLY doesn’t make people who are overweight and over 50 look younger, it makes them look stupid.

(3)Stop assuming that anyone with a net worth over $1 million
is corrupt in order to make yourself feel better about being a Marxist. Radical revolutionary socialism is a disease that has already impoverished, persecuted, maimed and outright killed hundreds of millions of innocent people in the name of "creating a perfect Utopian world". The favorite saying of powerful Marxists is, "The most cooperative person in the world is a corpse". That crocodile may not always eat you first, but it will get around to you eventually. You self-enamored moron!! 

(4)Stop assuming everyone who is Christian is going to allow an
atheist (person or government) to walk all over them because they’re afraid of getting punished by
Jesus. We will kick your m*therf***ing asses and put you in a world of hurt, if we catch you messing around where
you know you shouldn’t. We may not even call the cops first but tighten you up our own selves.

(5)Stop living at home with parents, living off their largess, sucking up to them to
their faces, then talking them down the second you are amongst others of your pestiferous, infantile nature. Your parents already know you despise them and have written you out of
their wills. They are just biding their time, hoping you will change into
someone normal, but you know you never will because your whole life has been a
study in applying the psychotic response to stress and passive aggression
toward parents you feel are your moral, intellectual, spiritual and
psychological inferiors. They aren’t.

(6)Stop riding bicycles, hoverboards, scooters, cycles and
skateboards on public streets, sidewalks, parking lots and other places like
you own the road. A brain injury will someday leave you a vegetable. That’s
likely a plus from the planet’s perspective, but your parents shouldn’t have to
pay the bills for your breathing machine and tube-feeding.

(7)Stop pretending that you understand the first thing about
physical geographical science (climatology) or anything else for that matter. You get ALL of your opinions about public policy second or third hand without any remote comprehension of the scientific discussions related to it. You are a
confirmed, proud, total ignoramus and you are beyond saving from your own abject stupidity as you are. The things you actually know which are
true, are far outnumbered by things which are not true, but which you believe anyway. In other words, you will have to unlearn most of that you believe you
know today before you will even be on the same level as a complete ignoramus.

(8)Stop posting opinions on social media. Anyone who is
impressed by your opinion based on your (utter lack of) experience, education or training is
too dumb to live, much less become a useful part of a civil society. For that
matter, look up the term “civil society” and have it tattooed to your forehead
backwards so you can read it every morning while you are admiring your facial
and head hair in the mirror. That also goes for you male millennials. 

(9) Stop assuming that you're smarter than anyone who disagrees with you, just because they are over 50. You aren't - in fact in pretty much every case they are almost certainly infinitely smarter than you are, and you are not even smart enough to figure that out. 

More later. Members please feel free to add to the list. We don't have to stop at 40 (Lord knows) because there is so MUCH they do that is so atrociously, atavistically, unfathomably, lethally stupid. 

Boomers may sometimes be provincial, quaint, pedantic, silly or obtuse, but at least we are not wrecking the planet by acting like parasitic animals who wear clothing and are capable of human speech. 

*For those who don't know, the term "boomer" (as in "baby boomer" aka anyone born between 1950-1970) is an offensive way many arrogant Millennials refer to people who are older than 50. It is often used in the dismissive phrase "O.K., Boomer!!" whenever someone in the over-50 age group criticizes or expresses disapproval of anything a Millennial expresses or believes. 

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