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These are some of the obscene, cacogenic vermin calling others "racist, hateful, dangerous"...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/10/2022, 21:04:42

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...'Crat "leaders" all. Not a tentative, hesitant, furtive step but a spectacular graceful SWAN-DIVE off the cliff and onto the rocks below. SPLAT!!

The title for this post might also have been, "How to utterly destroy your own political career in three easy steps".

I (and no doubt countless others) have for a long time believed that 'Crats generally and especially 'Crat leaders are not genuinely competent, serious-minded individuals. Their day-to-day, minute-to-minute attitudes/thoughts are so...grotesquely abnormal, that many of them should more-rightly be in prison or psychiatric facilities than in positions of authority/power over others.

More 'Crat sociopaths in suits. It is impossible for these to be exceptions to the 'Crat rule - this demonstrates that this sort of casual psychopathic attitude is commonly found in the political left - the higher you go in the ranks, the more rank you typically become.

Cue:Teebone: STINQUE!!!

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