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It's (kind of) hard to believe anything these days.
Re: There is a movement. I know two very beautiful people who believe that, but I'm afraid seeing is believing and I don't see it. -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Ihavenoname

10/08/2022, 11:43:44

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There are folks who do make sensational headlines like RRN did. One of then was a YouTube channel that appeared to be about finance-related topics, but soon turned to being pro-Trump material, saying things like the Insurrection Act was signed by him (Trump).

That person also asked for donations, and then later went offline. A liberal supporter actually called out the host for "getting away with your donations." And that supporter was right, even if I usually don't agree with liberals. Be careful about donating to independent reporters, unless you really trust them. RRN is no exception.

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