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Gay rom com (romantic comedy) "Bros" sets record for lowest opening ever for a wide-release film.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/06/2022, 03:34:18

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This historic movie is titled "Bros" and includes the hate-disguised-as-"humor" line in the PR trailers, "Heterosexuals, you had a good run". Do tell. 

The creator of the dog is a guy named Eichner, who is spewing raw hatred at everyone who didn't want to see the movie. He claims that anyone who doesn't want to buy a ticket to see a comedy that is not even funny, is a bad human being because they are homophobic etc. 

Gutfeld's group nailed the queer fool up bleeding from every extremity. Tyrus pointed out that there have been OTHER gay-themed movies that did very well at the box office ("In and Out" w Matt Dillon, Kevin Kline is one - that made a ton of money). So, claiming that people who are not gay won't go to see movies about homosexuals is just unbelievably stupid. 

Clearly this was a case where the producers and financiers failed to; (1) make a funny movie (2) anticipate the actual level of interest (very low) in it before they released it coast-to-coast. 

Another case of how self-described liberals are detached from reality (Eichner is a very outspoken, vicious, hateful human being who has repeatedly made horrible, sadistic public statements about DJT, heterosexuals, political conservatives and Caucasians in general).

The only people who seem to like the movie are people who hate heterosexuals, and who likely saw the movie ONLY because it was about homosexuals

There is also a largely-unreported subgroup of people who like the movie but didn't see it - black anti-conservatives and anti-white racists - who widely indulge in the fantasy that "most white males" are closeted homosexuals who are only straight because they are too cowardly to admit their gayness publicly. (rolls eyes).

Eichner has actually stated that he believes most Republican males are latent homosexuals. He actually SAID that in an interview on some talk show. No, he's not detached from reality much at all, eh? 

One of the common hateful ideas that is very popular with black sub-culture is that ALL white males are repressed homosexuals. Yep. This morbid fantasy is rooted in the deeply ingrained loathing of black supremacists for Caucasians (even though they mostly lust after white females they refer to as PAWGs). 

See, some black males have nothing but contempt for homosexuals and consider them to be sub-human, so by allowing themselves to believe that most white males are secretly homosexuals, anti-white racists get to feel superior over the white males they despise so much. Simple! 

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