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Yeppers! (heh) I HAVE noticed. Everything 'Crats say and do is the opposite.
Re: Late, have you noticed that all of the false accusations they made against have actually been heaped upon their own president?? Every accusation against Trump is also exactly what they are doing. Bizarro World. -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

10/02/2022, 16:56:19

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Virtually every horrible accusation directed at those who oppose the 'Crats are far more-correctly applied to the 'Crats themselves.

This cognitive dissonance of accusing others of that which you yourself are most guilty (Catch-22) is not lost on much of the voting population.

The shrill yea, hysterical demands that DJT be declared "mentally unfit" for office have come back to bite the 'Crats firmly on the ass.

Hysterical 'Crat, test thysef (sic)!!

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