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I dunno, the Russkies are fairly stupid/brutal.
Re: It was on Tucker last night,I believe. It wasn't obviously the Russians. They could have shut it down with a switch. It was Biden who said he would not allow them to put it online Once goofy Brennan said it was the Russians, I knew it wasn't. -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/30/2022, 02:02:35

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It would not be unusual for Putin et al, to react to Xiden's recent statements (including the one you posted from Xiden's press conference with the German PM) by doing things loosely defined as "saber-rattling" (minor-to-moderate incursions across borders to do violence).

Xiden threatens Russia with, "unspecified, severe consequences," for doing bad things in Ukraine ("crossing red lines"). So contemptuously, Putin thumbs his nose at Xiden by launching attacks on Nord Stream himself (knowing some will blame Xiden). Putin might well do so simply to highlight Xiden's fecklessness on the world stage to dispirit Western allies.

Putin also may be acting in support of his ally the PRC, whom Xiden also recently angered by claiming the U.S. would defend Taiwan if attacked.

The PRC and Russia seem to be trying to reunite the Cold War axis with North Korea and Iran joining the fracas, so Putin might jump in to support the ChiComs with terrorism in Europe (esp. since Xiden's people are now trying to push the world to declare Russia a state-sponsor of terrorism). Now there is a strongly-supported rumor that the U.S. itself used terrorism on the Nord Stream pipeline. Irony abounds.

The PRC and Russia see the U.S. (under any president) as the enemy, so they will not hesitate to attack in any way possible, just in order to demonstrate to observers who the Big Dog is on the block.

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