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Jalen Hill one of three UCLA b-ball players arrested for shoplifting in Shanghai visit for exhibition game, dead at 22.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/21/2022, 10:37:17

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No cause of death has been reported by family or authorities so far, but one may assume that narcotics/criminal activity were involved since he was in Costa Rica (a notoriously crime-ridden, dangerous country) at the time.

I remember the incident in China - it was intensely humiliating for the three morons involved and for the US - a shameful exhibition of adolescent stupidity in "college students" (inmates)who damn well should have known better.

Hill was of course suspended by UCLA for a year after the thievery incident, then eventually resigned from the team, achieving only mediocre performance despite high expectations from scouts. He described the reason for leaving NCAA basketball as, "severe depression and anxiety". Hmmm.

I'm guessing Mr. Hill probably regretted his foray into Satanism before he died. Clearly, he had lost his way in life long before he lost his life in Costa Rica. Selah.

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