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...and Fox News picks up the thread, running national headlines!! Once again Right Minds leads the news cycle!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/19/2022, 13:33:20

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BTW, Newsmax and Fox are engaged in something resembling an on-going feud. Newsmax is going all-in with editorial support of DJT for 2024, claiming that Fox is "anti-Trump" or even "never-Trump" in some of their coverage. Bug scuffle over viewers/ad-revenue, I deem. Nothing major.

When they BOTH run with a story, it means they think it will have legs. See, my brother Putin is suffering some blow-back from recent events in regard to: (1) his health (he is seriously sick physically and looks it recently) (2) major setbacks on diverse fronts in the military situation in Ukraine (new war crimes reports, strategic losses, rumors of discontent/rebellion in the ranks, economic woes) (3) Economic problems aggravated by war costs/Western sanctions (4) growing dissention in private sector (which means the oligarchy which supports him is no longer unanimous).

The best way for Russia to make Ukraine go away with minimal problems might be to make Putin go away. He might do well to be informed by the American gangster shows/films he claims to love - the peril of becoming a man who is more valuable dead than alive.

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