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That is BTW an ancient ploy of both Marxists and criminals in general.
Re: that's one of the first things I remember my mom telling me when I became a teen. She insisted people accuse you of what it is they are doing. -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/19/2022, 13:03:33

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One of the most common things for police detectives to encounter with suspects or what is also common with government despots is to accuse others of all of the immoral, destructive things they themselves are guilty of plotting/doing.

It is often an attempt at distraction/diversion -it is an obvious gambit which is nonetheless unfamiliar to many who are not trained in law enforcement or the history of political despotism.

There is something in the psyche of people who are very disturbed/fanatical which compels them to accuse others of all of the most-immoral things they themselves have done or plan to do.

The great psychotherapist CG Jung wrote, "It is impossible for anyone to conceive of any morality superior to their own". Which may be to say; if a normal person believes something to be a superior moral position, they invariably adopt it as their own.

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