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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/19/2022, 11:09:42

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Note the first paragraph in the posted Newsmax article about  (anti-conservative fanatics who run the EU) punishing conservative-led Hungary using wholly-contrived "financial mismanagement" as the excuse.

"The European Union’s executive branch recommended Sunday that the bloc suspend around 7.5 billion euros (about $7.5 billion) in funding to Hungary over concerns about democratic backsliding and the possible mismanagement of EU money."

heh "...7.5 billion euros (about $7.5 billion)..." heh 

That says it all. Twenty years of this type of socialist nonsense has lowered the EU's precious currency value by half. So logically projecting that rate-of-decline out over the next twenty years and the euro will be totally worthless. 

GREAT EU leadership (the sort which built Europe's economic stability on RUSSIAN GAS/OIL SUPPLIES) continues in Brussels. 

Hungary has for years thumbed its nose at some EU rules/regulations by reigning in the power of (Marxist) media companies, restricting immigration, cutting government give-aways and maintaining national economic integrity by alliances of government with pro-growth, pro-Hungarian (not pro-EU) companies in the private sector, infuriating the radical socialist EU leadership. 

With Britain gone, the EU is desperate to punish independent, libertarian countries (like Hungary) with a strong economy (highly-productive, modern work force) and national unity (IOW, engaging in non-socialist behavior). 

The larger problem for the socialist oligarchs in Brussels is that Hungary does not need the EU, the EU needs them. 

Hungary has just elected another conservative leader to replace the very popular, termed-out Orban. He was elected in 2010 on the heels of a catastrophic scandal in which the pro-EU socialist party PM was caught on video bragging about how he and his party had, "lied to the Hungarian people," to win the last election. 

After the political blood-bath that followed the 2010 scandal, Orban subsequently moved his government away from the socialist/ultra-liberal policies of the radical socialist, open-borders EU.

The shift in policy was so effective that Hungary is now one of the only economically-strong nations in the EU (virtually every EU member-nation in Southern Europe is near default, heavily burdened by crushing debt from profligate over-spending on entitlements).

Katalin Novak, the new female PM of Hungary is a strong conservative with great admiration for the US. See, Hungary is for the first time in nearly a century flourishing again after decimation by the endless destructive chaos of WWI, then decades of subjugation by SOCIALIST oligarchies. First, they were subjugated by national socialist Nazis (WWII), then radical revolutionary Marxist socialists (Soviet Communism/USSR), then by modern self-described democratic socialists (EU oligarchs), the latter movement whose most passionate Hungarian political supporters self-destructed politically in Hungary in 2010 because of open, malicious self-serving deceit / corruption. 

Apparently Hungarian politicians now routinely discuss the pros/cons of leaving the EU in every election cycle - with support for Brexit-style secession growing each time.

That's obviously why the EU leaders in Brussels are panicking and trying to bring Hungary to heel by threatening to stop giving back money the EU is taking. See the EU takes from the healthy Hungarian economy to support all of the other countries' socialist failures, then gives Hungary back whatever the socialist EU oligarchs in Brussels feel like giving back. 

Hungary is one of the economically-strongest nations in Europe. Its population is decidedly opposed to the Brussel's-driven, "European socialist movement," (England's Brexit shook up the EU leaders mightily).

More and more there are less and less good reasons for Hungary to remain in the EU. They share a border with Ukraine yet have managed to avoid both alliance and open conflict with Russia to date. 

Hungary is secure in that they are a NATO member and doing just fine economically and otherwise*.

 I am unaware of any evidence that Hungary's leaders will do anything but remain strongly disinclined to bow to any pressure to move their internal policies back toward EU-style radical revolutionary (or "democratic") socialism.

See, the history of the effect of socialism of ANY KIND on Hungary is similar to that of a recurring, lethal infectious disease. Hungarian voters know their own history in this regard and instinctively resist socialist elitists trying to take over their government.  

* Wuhan Flu closures and restrictions ended in Hungary in 2020 (two years ago!!) and they have not had a severe problem with the China Virus since, even though they have NEVER instituted any of the horribly self-destructive, Draconian measures of other nations. 

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