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Patagonia : An ecoterrorist-supporting, ecoparanoid clothing company to avoid.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/14/2022, 23:45:35

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Some companies should be boycotted just on GP. This one because the owner is a dangerously unstable ecoparanoid who claimed, "becoming a billionaire pissed me off". Excuse me !?!

 The self-flagellating narcissist just donated the whole Patagonia company to an ecoparanoid group. One hopes the owner is being poetic about hating the idea of being a billionaire, because it is impossible to make sense out of an idiotic statement like that otherwise. Hate for being successful. Right. I took it as sort-of a verbal genuflection to the God of Leftist Political Correctness - a gratuitous, blatant virtue-signal typical of the most radical revolutionary 'Crats. As if to say, "I have only contempt for this capitalist system," despite his own success. (rolls eyes) More classic neurotic, liberal guilt about being successful while others are not. Pure Marxist Bravo Sierra.   

See, the owner's endless support of dangerous ecoparanoid organizations (including self-described ecoterroist groups like ELF, et al) whose agendas just coincidentally happen to coincide with those of Marxism (terrorism is justified), denotes his unstable (deviate) mind. 

Probably a guy like that secretly would like to see at least half of the human race murdered (starting with everyone who disagrees with his political views).

Another comic-book "socially acceptable" sociopath with a massive fortune, addicted to self-adoration, stroking himself off with endless "activism".  

I am unaware of ever having purchased anything from that company and God willing, I never will. I hope the owner dies and his company goes swiftly into chapter 7, then ends forever. What an SMF. 

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