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Fully echo those sentiments, sister. Barry will be with us always.
Re: I was so worried something was terribly wrong. He was so brilliant and his sense of humor always tickled me. I am so sorry, Chellie. -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/13/2022, 04:48:46

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'Can't read through any legal discussion without thinking of Barry. His two-cents on 2A issues were always worth infinitely more than face value because he was so devoid of BS and informed on the fundamentals of jurisprudence in that regard.

Like Dee pointed out accurately (as usual) he was nothing less than brilliant (dead, spot on target).

His schooling on first principles as guidance on 2A issues, not the "popular sensibilities," informs every discussion I have on the topic (and likely always will). The U.S. Constitution is not just advice, it's the law and the Federalist Papers are more-than-adequate guide for "interpreting" the text.

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