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Surely normal people long for the good old days when lunatics were not commonly vested with government authority.
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09/05/2022, 10:21:03

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Cacogens elect cacogens. It is infantile to believe that any violent criminal/would-be murderer would do anything but laugh at a sign declaring a gun-free zone. 

See, criminals and corrupt politicians live by the same credo - "
one set of rules/laws for thee, another for me."

I am not a cruel man. I believe that the insane should be tolerated and given some reasonable chance to become normal. That being said, no rational person believes that irrational people should be leaders. 

 I have been trained to believe that a basic rule of human nature (criminal psychology) is that anyone willing to violate a major law (murder), will violate many less-serious laws (gun-free zones). There may be exceptions, but I have never witnessed nor heard of them from credible testimony. 

This is very much like something from the underrated, cartoonish-but-prophetic SF movie Demolition Man (directed by Stallone). In the film, LEOs of the future live in a world where all predatory/violent inclinations of police have been eradicated (they are forced to behave like sheep themselves, not sheepdogs). Government prohibitions/warnings abound amid futuristic gizmos and frilly uniforms/clothing.

The hero (Stallone) is a famous hot-dog cop from a past century. He has been frozen in suspended animation as sentence for some "criminal actions" he performed while pursuing a terrorist (Snipes). The hero is thawed-out ostensibly to help the helpless, over-matched "modern" officers-of-the-future fight a spree-killing murderer running amok. 

Sandra Bullock is priceless as a girlish, diffident cutie-cop, fascinated by the "Neanderthal" Stallone. She longs to be free of the namby-pamby world she was born into. She wants more than anything, to kick ass.

She is similar to her previous character in her magnificent movies Armed and Fabulous (I and II). Also similar to detectives Burgess, Lindsay, Hailey in series Chicago PD. All of them are pretty girly-girls who are most-happy when tracking down some lowlife and (forgive me) harming them physically/shooting them. True sheepdogs all. 

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