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Re: Did you watch the setting for Biden's speech last night. It was a speech from hell, complete with a hell-scape background. Demoons exist. -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/02/2022, 11:21:47

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In the descriptions in commentary on conservative news about the speech, I noted how Xiden and the 'Crats have clearly fully embraced vengeance (a Satanic doctrine).

As the Nazis did effectively with Jewish people, the 'Crats are trying to make the coming election about obtaining vengeance against Republican/conservative candidates for imagined (wholly contrived) "crimes against the nation". It's the usual Marxist grab-bag of a whole host of ridiculously over-the-top offenses which just coincidentally include every single one of the tired old tropes they have hurled against their political adversaries for decades now - the people who disagree with them are not just wrong on policy, they are BAD HUMAN BEINGS, racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist sub-human monsters who deserve to be murdered.

The endless campaign of trying to convince voters that 'Crats themselves are merely meek, harmless do-gooders while the Republicans are scheming, secretly-evil Morlocks who want to slaughter and eat your children.

It is not surprising in the least that the 'Crats have decided to embrace Satanism openly. They do this in the desperate hope of appealing to voters who are fascinated with evil and the occult.

FYI, I believe your assessment, but I never watch anything sponsored, hosted, presented or promoted by 'Crats.

That's because of the same reason psychologists don't get into long discussions with the insane about their psychotic ideas-of-reference. It is not necessary or helpful to delve deeply into the delusions, thoughts or feelings of people who are severely detached from reality.

The danger in this (as Russ has often mentioned) is that it can result in a significant loss of I.Q. points heh.

It is (from a strategic POV) a natural progression for 'Crats, desperate to capture the cacogenic demographic, to go from portraying themselves as being tolerant of evil, to enthusiastically promoting, supporting and furthering evil.

That trend (as explored in the title post) is already a large and increasing trend - so it makes perfect sense that 'Crats would try to ride that wave (pandering to/promoting deviance/wickedness) to greater political power.

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