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Hello, Baby!! (one of the best candy bars!!) You are so right - DJT may well ride the wave of outrage to a second term.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/25/2022, 18:20:45

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As disliked as DJT may be by some, votes for president are most often a matter of choosing the candidate hated LEAST, not the one liked best. 

Trump is much of like the surgeon who everyone knows is an a-hole but everyone who knows the facts wants them. People want someone who gets the job done right the first time, not some charming BS artist (Xiden is a used car salesman who became president by default) with a greasy smile who keeps screwing up.

Xiden's smile is crazy-creepy. He smirks like a character from a Tim Burton movie - the Grinch. Xiden's leering sneer is more a grimace, disturbing, malevolent, not benign or friendly in the least. Demented. Horrifying.  

BTW, I'm serious about Baby Ruth being one of the best candy bars. It is. What's not to love? It's nice to see you, girl!!

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